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Ahhh I haven't posted here in FOREVER!!! But I'm only coming to say, check out my new fanfiction website http://www.wix.com/amazingfanfiction/mainpage#! :) <3 you all, you look at it and submit your work!

Sittin' At the College

I'm sitting at the college, waiting for Mom to get done with her Anatomy and Physiology test. I feel so accomplished, I've gotten one and a half Latin work files done. Yay me :) Mom has had a bad day. Hanna's bus couldn't come and pick her up this morning so we had to take her to school so Lacey was late getting to school, and Patrick is feeling sick and might throw up sometime today. Poor Mom.

Homework is CRAP

I went with Mom today to drop of my littlest sister at preschool. We sat in the...sitting area I guess you'd call it for FOUR HOURS doing nothing but HOMEWORK!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!! TOO MUCH THINKING!!! She was studying for her Anatomy and Physiology final tomorrow, which I also must go with her for and work on MORE HOMEWORK, and I wrote two things for english, read a science article, answered questions about said science article, and worked on some of my random science papers that my homebound teacher decided to dump on me yesterday. Dammit. I have to work on Latin today too. I meant too earlier, but I couldn't get on the internet. :/ Like I saw whenever someone I know get's a speeding ticket "Damn, thwarted again."

Been Awhile

Yeah, I know its been a while since I've posted, but I've totally decided not to post regularly. I think I like reading what other people put up on LiveJournal much more than posting stuff of my own. Like those delicious fanfic memes I see posted in various places. Rawr. Delicious. I also have more time to donate to the writing of FANFICTION!!!! since I had my back surgery about a month ago. I'll be home from school until January 3rd so in between catching up on my homebound work that lemons will roll :)

Not Much...

 Not much has been happening. I took my math exam yesterday and my reading exam today. Science is Tuesday. I still don't know when I'm supposed to take my Latin test. School has been pretty boring after the SOL's. None of our teachers are making us do anything. I broke the mouthpiece on my clarinet. I have to get a new one. A really nice one is $100 and a so-so one is $30. We have another clarinet at home, and it was my Great Grandfather Leo's. I could use the mouthpiece off of that, but I don't know if Dad will let me. We'll have to ask him when he get's home tonight.

Mom got me a cake of cupcakes today. Patrick came and got me out of my room where I was listening to David Bowie. He told me I was in trouble and made me sit in the dining room. I didn't know mom had gotten me a cake, but I knew I wasn't in trouble at any rate. I'm working on cleaning out my room with mom so carpet can be put back down in it. I was at the mall yesterday and they put in a new bookstore. I got three new books, one of which was Married Lovers by Jackie Collins. Its really good, but its not for young children though.

We had a substitute today for my geography teacher and the substitute has known my family and I for years. She told me I looked like I had lost weight, but I don't believe her. :<

Yesterday at the mall Mom said this guy was checking me out, but I don't believe her either. I think he was just staring at my handicapped sister Hanna who I was pushing. All of the dumb ass high schoolers were. I really wanted to slap some of them in the face. Staring isn't at all polite.

Then we driving past Food Lion and this dude looked at me, raised his shirt up, and started rubbing his belly. He was pretty toned. I also got a lovely view of his bright red boxers. Mom said he was trying to show off. Why the hell are all of these guys supposedly checking me out, but I can't get a boyfriend? Elizabeth says because I only talk to guys from school, and they've known me forever so they wouldn't go out with me. I hope what she said is true.

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 Today has been OK. I've been enjoying being able to see again. Mrs. Griffis fussed at me, he was like," I don't think its right for you to get your glasses back just because you're stubborn." This sort of pissed me off, but I'm going to chalk it up to Mrs. Griffis being depressed and moody. I found out that he wasn't laid off, he just got transfered to another school. I feel so sorry for him. He hasn't been his normal cheery self. Even Mrs. Stanley, my english teacher, seemed different. She actually complimented me on my english project. Mind you, she didn't read so she still may very fail me, but at least she liked the way it looked so that's always a plus. I think her god damned stapler tried to eat my journal though, but that;s OK, my journal is still fine.

My english project from hell is almost done. I just have to color some pictures. It was a diary on my thoughts and reflections based off the play based off of the Diary of Anne Frank. I don't understand why A) we have to do a project so close to the end of the year and B) why the hell we have to do another of these 'reflective' journals. Honestly, we already had to do one and I got a C on it.

Jam was so excited over seeing my magical book of songs. I'm going to let her borrow it tomorrow.

My sister Hannah had a huge seizure at school today so Mom is keeping her home for the rest week and is trying to get her an appointment at the Epilepsy clinic. I wonder why Hannah had such a large seizure, she has medicene. She has looked just so out of it today, like she just wants to let her eyes roll back in her head and sleep. Hannah hardly even moved when my beagle Autumn started liking her face, and normally Hannah loves dogs.

Patrick had a soccer party at Napoli's today and Grandpa took him. I chose not to go.

When I got home from school, Grandpa took me turtle fishing! You put a line in the water with a giant ass hook on it and some bait (we used pork chops) and you can catch a turtle! We only caught one and grandpa said it was almost too small to eat and he didn't feel like cleaning it. He shot it in the head a couple of times with the pistol and then cut off its head with the machete. It was still twitching even after it had been beheaded. Then we threw it in the woods. A few days later we are going to go and see if we can find its shell.

I've got a bunch of chores to do. I need to vacuum the living room and dining room, load the dishwasher, wash the plates, and clean off the counters and table. It may not sound like a lot, but we have a lot of dishes, counters, and carpets that need cleaning.

Sayonara for now peeps, I'm off to work on my chores and read fanfiction.

So what happened...

 Dinner last night was fine. Only Grandpa came with us. Mom didn't complain and even though it was raining buckets, after dinner we went to Barnes and Noble and Best Buy. I got a songbook that had some of the hit songs from the 70's in it such as Stairway to Heaven, The Theme Song from M*A*S*H, et cetera. Patrick (my brother) had to run to Best Buy for something or ruther. After that we went and got ice cream. Then, Dad went over to Grandpa's house and got an old color printer of his that Grandpa didn't use anymore so I can do my fucking shitty ass english project (which is due Tuesday and I have to continue working on later).

Dad still refused to help me get my glasses back. :( He called Nalaa's dad about the whole beach situation and Nalaa's dad said they were definately NOT going to the convention and he wasn't sure about the beach. I then called Nalaa and explained to her that I wasn't sure if I was going to the convention and I definately was not going to the beach with her because I didn't want Jade to get pissed off and Nalaa understood. :D Mom then volunteered to take me to the convention for Saturday and Sunday and possibly take Nalaa with me which surprised me.

So today, Dad left for Mexico. Before he left I appealed to him again about my glasses and he said that he would try and make a deal with mom. The deal was that she would give me my old glasses back until I got a different pair so I could see at the convention. I would HAVE to wear the different pair once they came or my parents would take my old ones away from me again. I agreed, and Dad left a little while later before discussing it with mom. Later Mom dragged us all to Patrick's last soccer game (which they won) and while we were there, I managed to persuade her to give me my glasses back. :) :) :) So take THAT you mother fucking bastards, HAH! I got my old glasses back and I don't have to get a new pair! I love my deviousness. I felt stupid though when mom gave me my old glasses back though. She hid them in the cabinet where we keep the plates and I can't believe I didn't see them. Still though, all in all, I owe no obligations to anyone and I have my glasses back. Today has been a good day other than I have to work on my mother fucking stupid english project, but watch, now that I say that, today will go to hell. :/

May 20, 21, and 22

 The 20th was a pretty boring day. School sucked, my mom was being a bitch when I got home as usual so while she napped I turned my music up REALLY loud to piss her off, and I had to watch my four year old sister. The only good thing that happened was that my band teacher wasn't there so Jam and I got to brainstorm band names while we watched a movie. 

OK, so, my friend Jade, Nalaa, and I were all supposed to be going to Animazement this Memorial Day weekend, but Nalaa decided not to go and is going to Myrtle Beach instead. Well, I was going to stay with Nalaa and her dad. Jade was going to see if I can come with her mom, but my mom said no since Jade's step dad smokes pot. So I don't know what to do. Jade is upset because Nalaa decided to basically abandon Jade. I already bought my $50 ticket (and I believe Nalaa did too), and the ticket is refundable. I don't know what to do. I don't want to piss Jade off by abandoning her, I really don't want to spend all of Memorial Day weekend at the beach either, but I don't know how I'm going to be able to go to the convention, butt I don't want to piss Nalaa off either.  :< I'm thinking about to say fuck it all so that way I won't be picking one homie over the other, but I don't know. What do you people think?


Yesterday was a pretty bad day too. I found out that my favorite teacher, Mr. Griffis, got layed off. I can't believe it. He was such a good teacher and I feel so sorry for him.

Jam wrote down some band names she and I came up with and got people to vote on them. The name I like best is coming in second. :) Hopefully it'll win. Jade was pissed because she said that no one seems to like her ideas, which isn't true. Jam and I just don't like her band names. Jade isn't a rock and roll fan like us, so the band names she thinks are cool are going to differ from ours, that's all.

I didn't find out anything new about the beach thing. 

Yesterday evening I tried to get my dad to make mom give my glasses back, but he wouldn't do it. He just screamed at me, called me a spoiled brat, and said he would take me to get a new pair of glasses today. Then he complained that he would have to be spending part of his last day at home before he has to go on another business trip out in town trying to help me find a new pair of glasses, but you know what? If he took ten fucking minutes out of his oh so important life to make my bitch of a mother give me my old pair back, he wouldn't have to go anywhere! But nooo, for whatever reason, he won't make her give them back to me, and for whatever reason, he won't tell me why he is letting mom keep them, and I still haven't figured out what mom is gaining by keeping them. She won't tell me either. Dad is fucking afraid of that bitch for whatever reason, SHE doesn't pay his bills, SHE doesn't put clothes on his back, SHE doesn't put a roof over his head! If anything, she makes more bills! WHy the hell is my father such a wimpy ass that he can't put his foot down? And you know what else? Dad wouldn't have to spending any of today looking for glasses if he had tried to resolve this problem earlier. Even if he still insisted on me getting a different pair, then why didn't we fix this damn problem sooner? I don't even want to go to animazement now, or do anything, because I couldn't fucking see anything to begin with. I told him to cancel my ticket since I wouldn't be going, and he called me a spoiled brat again. Honestly, there's no sense in me going if I am fucking half blind the whole time I'm there.

I was upset over the whole experience so I slept like shit last night. Dammit, I hate that I'm such a damn pansy.

Mom wants to take me out to dinner tonight since I won't be home next weekend for my birthday, but I don't want to have to go and deal with her. What is it with everyone fucking hating me around my birthday? Shit like this happened last year on and around my birthday. I can't make up my mind if my parents hate me or not. First they scream and cuss at me, then they take me shopping, then called me spoiled and scream some more, then they want to take me out to dinner! Why can't they make up their minds?

I'll write more later about this Hekate forsaken day.


Band Concert

 Dammit, I have to go to a band concert tonight. I really don't want to go. I have miss electric violin lessons because of it too. Damn. My friend Jam is going to come and wear neon green socks, just to piss my band teacher off. I'm sure it will too.

On an even more negative note, wtf is up with my bitch of a mother? She said she couldn't find my band clothes because my room was a pigsty, but it isn't my fucking fault. If all of her shit was packed into boxes because her bedroom didn't have carpet in it, her room wouldn't exactly be pristine either. Of course, I looked too and couldn't find it, but somehow, I magically DIDN'T look for it and supposedly all I do it sit on my ass and listen to David Bowie all day, which I don't, and even if I did, it would be than she does. All she does is go from watching TV, to playing the computer all while bitching at everyone and everything, so tell me, who do you think is more worthless? I who go to school, deal with GS, play electric violin, play clarinet, try to maintain a social life, et cetera or that bitch who has to watch TV, clean the house SOMETIMES, bitch around all day, and play computer? And she has the nerve to call me a lazy worthless piece of shit.  

I hate my mom, I hope she burns in hell when she dies because that is EXACTLY where she is fucking going. She doesn't even have a regular job, or help pay the bills, or anything. As a matter of fact, with all of her shopping, she makes more of them. She is part of the reason I work so hard with my violin. Every time I draw my bow across the strings is like one step closer to being out of this damn hellhole. Wish me luck at the concert tonight. :/